How To Vote?

The European Parliament is facing the challenge of reaffirming the effective exclusion of software patentability for which it had voted on 24th September 2003, so as to be able to force the Council and Commission to conduct a discussion on substance.

This page contains pointers to some documents which may be worth consulting by members of the European Parliament when amending the Council's Uncommon Position. A more complete list can be found at

Abstention is the worst you can do!

In the vote of Wednesday July 6th, every amendment needs an absolute majority of all members of the European Parliament. For this reason, each abstention means a “yes” to the unamended directive as adopted by the European Council of Ministers. It is a “yes” to broad and trivial software and business method patents in Europe.

A vote for the Lehne-Kauppi amendments is still bad, but better than abstention.

Only full support of the 21 cross-partisan compromise amendments tabled by Rocard, Buzek, Roithova, Duff, Lichtenberger and many other MEPs from all groups can keep imminent harm away from Europe and give the European Parliament a coherent position for Conciliation with the Council.

Please read the 21 compromise amendments and justifications carefully so as to find out why the Council's “Common Position” is not what it may appear to be at first sight.

The 21 Compromise Amendments

For a quick survey of the most important amendments, we provide the following information for you.

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