Clear Limits to Patentability!

Economic Majority
Who is the industry?
Call for Action III
over 400 companies and 130 IT professionals ask you to reaffirm the effective exclusion of software patents as in September 2003.
[A mousetrap catches a computer mouse] Pitfalls
How a directive can mean the opposite of what it says
How to vote on 6th July?
[diagram: survey analysis] IFIS Survey
A scientific analysis how software patents affect SME
[screenshot: web demo page] Demo Events
European software developers express their concerns

The Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) is there to support you in testing all legal code that relates to software property rights, so as to see whether the code really does what its proponents claim it does. We directly represent more than 1200 software companies and 75000 supporters. We organise conferences that help bridge the gap between legislation, science and information economy innovators.

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Erik Josefsson

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